Adding an email account to Outlook

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When changing from IMAP to POP, do not delete the IMAP account first. Add the POP account first, then you can move your emails from the POP account to the IMAP account. Then after all email is moved, delete the IMAP account. See IMAP>POP page to change your email account from IMAP to POP.

An alternative Microsoft Outlook IMAP to POP help page:

IMPORTANT: Make sure to use POP

Step 1

Adding an email account to Outlook. At first you are forced into an automatic configuration by Outlook. When you arrive at the window above, you will see it has chosen IMAP. You don't want that, you need to choose "change account settings" Some versions of Outlook call this "manual setup" When you tick the box, finish will change to next.

Step 2

Enter your account settings. Make sure to choose POP as in the pic. Then click on "more settings"

Step 3

Type in Display name. (This is the name you will see in Outlook) Click next tab, "Outgoing server"

Step 4

Put a tick in box as above. Click next tab, "Advanced"

Step 5