Teamviewer Remote Control for your Desktop! (Was I am Pc)

I have been using LogMeIn for many years and at the end of January they stopped their free service. It has been a great to help out family members out from time to time. Of course I have never used LogMeIn enough to warrant buying. And considering it is now $49 for 2 pc’s, it […]

Why not to use WordPress for Email Campaigns

These 2 articles explain how it is wise to be careful how you host an email campaign.

All About SMTP in WordPress

No matter what I’m doing, whatever site I’m building or managing, on whatever server, it’s always automated emailing that has given me the most hassle over the years. Here’s a cautionary tale about […]

Symbolic Links in Windows (Vista+)

With Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced a new capability into its operating system: the ability to create symbolic links. Accessible only from the command line, symbolic links aren’t something the average user would need to be familiar with to use Windows, but they are a powerful way to manipulate the file system. In this article, we’ll […]